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(주요 News) The 17 Most Striking Homes Featured in T This Year
Step inside a Brutalist villa just outside Monte Carlo, a castle in southern Tuscany and more.
Newyork Times  |  2019-12-23 20:58
(주요 News) A Deadly Crackdown in Iran
Behind the curtain of an internet blackout, the Islamic Republic’s security forces have killed at least 180 unarmed prot...
Newyork Times  |  2019-12-03 20:47
(주요 News) Companies vow to improve climate disclosure after TCI warning
Moody’s and Airbus among those targeted by hedge fund over emissions
financial times  |  2019-12-03 20:44
(주요 News) Swiss Stock Exchange SIX Lists Physically-Backed Bitcoin ETP
Nasdaq-listed asset manager WisdomTree has launched a physically-backed Bitcoin exchange-traded product on Switzerland's...
코인텔레그래프  |  2019-12-03 20:32
(주요 News) Ethereum-Based Virtual Museum Tokenizes Censored Bitcoin Artwork
Cryptovoxels an Ethereum-based virtual museum has tokenized and preserved a censored Bitcoin artwork painted over by Fre...
코인텔레그래프  |  2019-12-03 19:59
(주요 News) Bitcoin Price Set to Reclaim $8K But a Rising Wedge Is Worrying Bulls
Bitcoin broke $7.8K resistance but more volume is needed for #BTC to push above the rising wedge and clear the 61.8% Fib...
코인텔레그래프  |  2019-11-30 16:51
(주요 News) American Citizen Arrested For Educating North Korea On Blockchain And Crypto
A U.S. citizen who traveled to North Korea to deliver a presentation on how to use blockchain and crypto to avoid sancti...
코인텔레그래프  |  2019-11-30 12:54
(주요 News) If Bitcoin Price Drops an Opportunity for Crypto Tax Planning
Bitcoin price drops last chance to reduce tax due before the end of the year
코인텔레그래프  |  2019-11-30 12:45
(주요 News) Study: Blockchain Can Reduce Food Fraud By $31 Billion Within 5 Years
The food industry could save up to $31 billion in food fraud savings by tracking supplies on the blockchain
코인텔레그래프  |  2019-11-30 09:27
(주요 News) IBM Files A Blockchain Patent For Fighting Package Theft By Drone
IBM files a patent to use blockchain technology to solve package theft by drone
코인텔레그래프  |  2019-11-30 05:31
(주요 News) EU Fights Corporatization of AI and Blockchain With Massive Investment
The EU has made a significant investment into emerging technologies such as blockchain and AI, and it could possibly bal...
코인텔레그래프  |  2019-11-30 04:05
(주요 News) Price Analysis 29/11: BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, LTC, EOS, BNB, BSV, XLM, TRX
As Bitcoin rallies toward $8,000 traders are wondering if Black Friday will provide a sale on altcoins
코인텔레그래프  |  2019-11-30 03:26
(주요 News) Disgruntled Investor Sues Stox Prediction Market and Founder
A disgruntled investor has sued Ethereum-based prediction market Stox and its founder
코인텔레그래프  |  2019-11-30 03:12
(주요 News) US and China Battle for Blockchain Dominance
The US is losing China for blockchain dominance, as the number of blockchain-related patents shows
코인텔레그래프  |  2019-11-30 02:20
(주요 News) Largest Indian State to Pilot Blockchain-Based Solar Energy Trading
The largest state in India, Uttar Pradesh, and Power Ledger have partnered to launch a P2P renewable energy trading proj...
코인텔레그래프  |  2019-11-30 01:24
(주요 News) Coinbase Denies Report of $150M Acquisition of Tagomi Brokerage Firm
Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange has denied reports that it acquired digital currency brokerage firm Tagomi for $150 mil...
코인텔레그래프  |  2019-11-30 00:56
(주요 News) Block.One Joins EOS Elections as One Entity Allegedly Has 37% Control
With Block.One accounting for 9.5% of the votes toward EOS’s elections, the network’s centralization is again under scru...
코인텔레그래프  |  2019-11-30 00:16
(주요 News) China: 5 Crypto Exchanges Halt or Shut Services Amid Perceived Crackdown
At least five Chinese cryptocurrency exchanges have chosen to suspend or end services in line with Beijing’s purportedly...
코인텔레그래프  |  2019-11-29 23:41
(주요 News) Bitcoin Price Hits Tipping Point Above $7.6K Pivotal Weekend Ahead
Bitcoin price: bulls and bears key battle looks imminent
코인텔레그래프  |  2019-11-29 22:53
(주요 News) Canadian Investment Firm 3iQ Files Prospectus for Bitcoin Fund
Canadian investment firm 3iQ filed a prospectus for its publicly-traded Bitcoin fund
코인텔레그래프  |  2019-11-29 22:30
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